Saturday, April 5

Breakfast: 1 smallish piece of beef jerky, Lemon-infused Diet Pepsi.

Friday, April 4

Dinner: 3 slices of Pizza Hut pizza (BBQ chicken and Hawaiian), Diet Coke.
Late-night dessert: McDonald's strawberry sundae.

Lunch @ McDonald's: McRib extra value meal with French Fries and a Sprite, later Diet Coke and water.

(btw, the dinner at Perkins took place late-night Thursday, not Friday.)

Late-night Friday dinner @ Perkins: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (no Bleu Cheese sauce tho'), fries, two bites of awful cole slaw, Cherry Coke
Thursday afternoon snack: about a dozen Town House crackers, Crystal Light

Thursday, April 3

lunch @ Maries: A warm steak sandwich with grilled onions and mushrooms. With spicy mayonaisse. Water to drink.

Breakfast: popcorn, water

Wednesday, April 2

afternoon snack: about 15 Town House crackers, Crystal Light, three "slice" gummie candies
Dinner @ Subway: 6in. Sweet onion chicken teryaki sub (no cheese), Baked! BBQ Lays potato chips and Diet Pepsi.

breakfast: can o' Diet Pepsi
lunch @ Ming Garden: Chicken chow mein with fried rice, crab rangoons, won ton soup, tea, fortune cookie and two little after-dinner mints
snack: water

evening snack: TGI Friday Snack chips, some alcohol
late-night dinner: two bean burritos with enchilada sauce, small coke

Tuesday, April 1

snack (2): really, really old veggie egg roll (unearthed from its tomb in the Gazette freezer). It was a little tough, but the McDonalds Hot Mustard Sauce helped.

Well, this is my first attempt to log the foods that I eat. Warning: This might not be pretty at times.

morning: most of a bag of lite kettle corn and a Diet Pepsi.
lunch @ Subway: 6-inch VeggieMax sub, 1 macadamia white chocolate chip cookie, Diet Pepsi.
snack: handful of Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, water.