Monday, May 16

Monday, Monday

by Ryan @ 10:29 PM

Mom, I should take your advice to heart. I think what worked best for me in high school was only taking one serving and that was it. I tend to second helpings when I don't really need it.

I also went out for at least 20 minutes on my bike everyday. I'm sure that helped too.

OK, so the weekend came and went and this is what I ate.

Saturday --
Lunch -- two pieces of tri-tip beef, lettuce and cabbage salad and a roll. With a diet cola. I snacked on chips and a large Diet Pepsi.
Dinner -- Taco Salad and a Diet Lemonade at Wendys. It was also free Frosty weekend.

After walking around downtown at night, I stopped at Taco Bell and picked up potatos, a burrito and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Sunday --
Lunch -- Oriental Chicken Salad.

Dinner -- A slice of Garlic Chicken Pizza. A Spicy Chicken Sandwich, fries and diet lemonade. And a free Frosty.

Monday --
I had a baked potato and a cereal bar for lunch. A couple of diet sodas
Dinner, I went to the Chinese buffet. It was bad of me to.


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