Saturday, May 14

Your honesty is blowing me away!

by Dianne @ 12:02 PM

You both are being so thorough and honest about listing what you've been eating- I don't really keep track. A defense mechanism, I think...

Trying to drink the water (Yoda would NOT be pleased). In a funky mood because thinking about food is frankly kinda a pain in the @$$ for me. I read this book a long time ago called "The Psychologist's Eat What You Want Diet". I've probably already mentioned it. The gist is that you eat what you want BUT you have to be truly hungry. You rate your hunger on a scale of 1-10. "1" is literally starving (like Donner Pass starving) and "10" is like stomach exploding fullness.
Um, you never really ever experience the full range- better not!

You eat around a 3 range, stop around a 6-7 feeling of satiety. You also must identify what you really WANT to eat by determining TASTE-sweet v. savory/salty, TEXTURE (crunchy, chewy, or soft), THROAT feel (this is a weird one to me but basically- easy, soothing or not).

You don't worry about eating "unbalanced" as your body/cravings adjust. No forbidden foods- you just have to be hungry! And stop eating when you get to about 7.

Note: this is not permission to PIG OUT. That would be going too high on the fullness scale!

Try it this week and see how it goes.


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