Monday, May 16


by Sarah @ 11:07 PM

is what I ate today. Had leftover Waikiki meatballs, plenty of water. Korean BBQ and milk for dinner. And I did some TaeBo.

Monday, Monday

by Ryan @ 10:29 PM

Mom, I should take your advice to heart. I think what worked best for me in high school was only taking one serving and that was it. I tend to second helpings when I don't really need it.

I also went out for at least 20 minutes on my bike everyday. I'm sure that helped too.

OK, so the weekend came and went and this is what I ate.

Saturday --
Lunch -- two pieces of tri-tip beef, lettuce and cabbage salad and a roll. With a diet cola. I snacked on chips and a large Diet Pepsi.
Dinner -- Taco Salad and a Diet Lemonade at Wendys. It was also free Frosty weekend.

After walking around downtown at night, I stopped at Taco Bell and picked up potatos, a burrito and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Sunday --
Lunch -- Oriental Chicken Salad.

Dinner -- A slice of Garlic Chicken Pizza. A Spicy Chicken Sandwich, fries and diet lemonade. And a free Frosty.

Monday --
I had a baked potato and a cereal bar for lunch. A couple of diet sodas
Dinner, I went to the Chinese buffet. It was bad of me to.

Saturday, May 14

Your honesty is blowing me away!

by Dianne @ 12:02 PM

You both are being so thorough and honest about listing what you've been eating- I don't really keep track. A defense mechanism, I think...

Trying to drink the water (Yoda would NOT be pleased). In a funky mood because thinking about food is frankly kinda a pain in the @$$ for me. I read this book a long time ago called "The Psychologist's Eat What You Want Diet". I've probably already mentioned it. The gist is that you eat what you want BUT you have to be truly hungry. You rate your hunger on a scale of 1-10. "1" is literally starving (like Donner Pass starving) and "10" is like stomach exploding fullness.
Um, you never really ever experience the full range- better not!

You eat around a 3 range, stop around a 6-7 feeling of satiety. You also must identify what you really WANT to eat by determining TASTE-sweet v. savory/salty, TEXTURE (crunchy, chewy, or soft), THROAT feel (this is a weird one to me but basically- easy, soothing or not).

You don't worry about eating "unbalanced" as your body/cravings adjust. No forbidden foods- you just have to be hungry! And stop eating when you get to about 7.

Note: this is not permission to PIG OUT. That would be going too high on the fullness scale!

Try it this week and see how it goes.

Friday, May 13

These are the voyages...

by Ryan @ 11:07 PM

... of yours truly. I ate lightly during the day with a small bag of Fritos and some sodas. Went out for some post-work beers and I had a chiliburger and fries with that. Aside from another soda, that's been it.

I'll probably grab a glass of water because it's pretty warm in here.

Not such a good food day...

by Sarah @ 10:30 AM

So I started off with a bang, so to speak, with a Sausage and Egg Biscuit, hash browns, and orange juice. Then had a Superfood Odwalla bar, a turkey and cheddar sandwich, and then (ahem) shared cheese fries, clam chowder, a piece of chicken quesadilla, and a couple of pints of beer (end-of-year lab party at Triple Rock Brewery). Yikes!

Thursday, May 12

The Water Thing

by Dianne @ 11:50 AM

Congrats to you two for drinking your water quota! I wish I could report that I have been doing as well but :-(

However, it's not too late to do it today, right? So, for me, the water habit starts NOW!

Wednesday, May 11

Life in the fast lane

by Ryan @ 9:35 PM

I was up in Paradise interviewing someone and their high school senior project, so I stopped off and got cheap Chinese food for lunch (general beef with broccoli, fried rice, wonton soup, fried wontons and picked cabbage). Gee that sounds like a lot.

I had a few snacks including some tortilla chips and some crackers.

Drink wise, I had tea and water with lunch. Diet drinks for the rest of the day, including a Diet Pepsi and a surprisingly tart Cider Apple water.

I didn't exercise last night (no gym clothes), but hopefully I'll head out tonight and do it.

Not health related, but...

by Sarah @ 1:44 PM

I watched The Station Agent the other night and would highly recommend it to both of you!

Tuesday, May 10


by Sarah @ 10:24 PM

Umm... mostly met H2O quota today. Had strawberry yogurt, leftover orzo, and sushi for dinner.

Dried plums are the new prunes

by Ryan @ 8:43 PM

All righty, I think I'm being more aware of what I eat because of this blog. At Wal-Mart tonight, I bypassed the soft, red Cinnamon Bears that were sure to give me momentary pleasure while gumming up my mouth and not helping my waistline.

Instead I pick up the prunes. For some reason, the fruit industry feels the need to "sex" the fruit up by calling them "dried plums." There's some packaging that looks like it's for some other fruit, like cherries. However, upon closer inspection you can see that it's for prunes. I think it's a little deceptive, but I guess when you're trying to sell prunes, you've gotta do what it takes.

Also at Wal-Mart, I picked up some sugar-free Cider Apple sparkling water. It'll be interesting to see how it tastes (like the Diet Chocolate Soda I skipped the other week). I also tried the Diet Coke flavored with the Splenda sugar replacement. I can't tell a difference between the regular diet stuff and that's probably what they want me to think.

My bad buy was a bag of Salsa Roja tortilla chips. I'll space them out eating only a bit at a time. I've found using a small container to hold the chips keeps the bag out of sight and out of my mind. Of course, my roommates raided my bag last time and maybe that'll happen again.

For food today, I had a carne asada burrito for lunch with a diet coke. I had four diet sodas total. Some water. An apple. Two prunes (sorry, dried plums). I'll probably have a serving or so of the chips when I get home from working out -- woohoo!

Monday, May 9

The Chico kid

by Ryan @ 9:40 PM

OK, my food intake varied a bit today. I still want to go exercising but it's 9 at night. Hmm. I'll figure something out.

I started out with a can of Diet Doctor Pepper. For lunch, I had a ramen, an apple and a tall glass of milk. Snack - 25˘ handful of Reeses Pieces. Dinner -- salad and a plate of spicy pasta with chicken at a restaurant. I had the garlic bread and a few crackers.

Otherwise, water. Lots and lots of water. Tonight was the night I typically go to karaoke, but the weather's crummy and I don't want to drink. So ta.


by Sarah @ 6:34 PM

Hey all--

Drank my full quota of water for today (and it's only 6:30--is that bad?) Had 1/2 piece of pizza at lab party. Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast. Am sensing I need to eat more veggies. Due to start cooking dinner soon.

Orzo with Chicken, Green Beans, and Corn