Links for Top Stories of 1997


UC Applications Reach All-Time High

OSHPP Director June Terpstra Resigns

UC Regents Endorse New Standards

Libraries Ratchet Back Expenses

Regents Approve New Chancellors

UCSD Wins Supercomputing Grant

Administrator Announces New Layoffs

Diallo Elected President By 35% Margin

'Students First!' Sweeps Runoff

UCSD Miscalculates 1997-98 Demand

Philippines President Ramos Discusses Future at IR/PS

UCSD Names Academic Affairs Chief

Faculty Rejects School Proposal

Rising Phoenix: The UCSD K-12 Outreach Task Force

Clinton Enhances Graduation

Vice Chancellor Appointed After Nationwide Search

Ravi Shankar Joins UCSD Faculty

Free Campus Weekend Parking to Take Effect in October

Bursar Clears Confusion Regarding New I.D. Card

Dynes Appoints Action Team

Governor Signs Fee-Freeze Bill

Cigarettes Stir Campus Controversy

Atkinson Announces Creation of California Digital Library

William McGill Passes Away

Atkinson Introduces Budget

Mold Turns Library Into Study Area

Diallo Rejects Agenda

UCSD Joins Digital Library Alliance

Med School Celebrates Anniversary

UCSD Joins San Diego County Coalition in K-12 Outreach

Court Upholds 209

CIA Recruiter Finds Disruptive Audience at UCSD Presentation

Biology Department Plans Major Reduction

Clerical Workers Join New Union

UC, CSU Eligibility Rates Decline

Board Narrowly Grants Privileges

Kennel Tapped as New SIO Director


Assembly Approves Report

UCSD Women's Volleyball Wins National Championship

UCSD Joins Library Alliance