Welcome to Stories from The UCSD Guardian. Over the next few months, I am going to be placing pieces that I have written for the Guardian onto this page. If you would like to send me a comment on anything that you see here, please e-mail me at rtolson@ucsd.edu.

For right now, I have only the opinion commentaries that I have written placed online. I hope to have the time to place other stories online soon.

I was the Interim Webmaster for the Guardian in fall '97 and I'd have used some elements from that regime. (Note: the Guardian website has been redesigned since then.) The design for this site is new, but the graphics were created originally for the Guardian by Design Editor Walt Dickinson.

Just one more note: Because of copyright issues, technically everything on this page is the UCSD Guardian's. But thankfully, since the Guardian is to provide a learning experience, they are very loose in the definition of the law. I think that I have had a good learning experience at the Guardian. - RTO.

The Kronos One Project

16 Dec 1998