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The UCSD Pep Band demo tape

UCSD Pep Band, baby!
There's more at the official Web site.

The music played by the pep band ranges from Blues and Jazz to modern Rock. Really, it's just whatever we decide would sound good enough to take the time to compose.

Below are some sample recordings of the pep band (from MANY years ago!).
During fall quarter 1998, the UCSD Pep Band recorded a demo tape in the Green Room at RIMAC Arena. Originially available on cassette tape, the tape has been converted into a CD and ripped into mp3s by Nishant Murarka.

The mp3 files were placed on an FTP server, but are now available on the Internet for others to download (for their personal, non-commercial use).

Unfortunately we don't have any better or more current recordings and we don't have the resources to make them, so enjoy what we have or come see us play live at UCSD sporting events!

 Track Name Legnth
 Basin Street Blues
 Land of a 1000 Dances
 Pink Panther
 Runaway 007

Total Running Time


Super bonus!

For a limited time only, you can download the ultra-rare audio version of the official UCSD fight song. It's 30 seconds of raw musical energy (and singing)!

Recorded even earlier than the demo tape (circa 1995?) and presented here as a .WAV file, it's an even rarer look back at the Pep Band's past.

The audio quality isn't the greatest, so consider this an "archival edition" of the fight song.

Don't delay. Download today!