Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily listing of Enterprise-Record stories

Daily listing of Enterprise-Record stories

Blog log for April 14

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

Here are snippets from some of our blogs last week. The blogs, and others, can be seen in their entirety at www.

But This is Chico: WWABD:What would Annie Bidwell do?

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:52 AM CDT

What would Annie Bidwell do? It seems like a fair — and intriguing — question. We can't help but wonder what Chico's founding mother would think about her community 90 years after her death.

Daily Planner: April 14

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

BLOOD DRIVE: Donor hours 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday. BloodSource, 555 Rio Lindo Ave., Chico. Must be in generally good health, weigh 110 pounds or more (under 17 years old must have parental consent.

Democratic candidates discuss God and religion at faith forum

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:53 AM CDT

GRANTHAM, Pa. (AP) — Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday that the potential for life begins at conception as she and presidential rival Sen.

Democrats vote for convention delegates at caucuses

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

CHICO — Hundreds of people turned out Sunday to cast their vote for the delegates who may help determine the next Democratic presidential candidate.

Farm animal welfare measure set for November ballot

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:45 AM CDT

A measure activists say would improve life for some farm animals has qualified for the November ballot in California.

Gunshot victim prompts early-morning police call

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:45 AM CDT

A shooting on the 700 block of Nord Avenue on Sunday left one man with a wounded foot. Reports of gunshots at 2:15 a.

Israeli leaders snub Carter during trip to Mideast over plans to meet Hamas leader

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 03:00 AM CDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter brokered the first Israeli-Arab peace deal, but he's getting a cool reception in Israel during his latest visit to the Mideast.

Letter: Can cops get away with littering?

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

I'm an Oroville resident and the police were arresting an individual in front of my house and before the officer got back in his squad car he removed his latex gloves and left them on my property for me to dispose of.

Letter: Don't write off Forest Ranch already

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

I have lived in Forest Ranch for more than 30 years. My daughter attended Forest Ranch School (now the Forest Ranch Community Center) when it was just one room.

Letter: Glenn 4-H benefits

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

On behalf of the Glenn County 4-H Program, I would like to thank the local communities for their continued backing of our fundraising dinners.

Letter: Keep creative writing to yourself

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

I've just returned from a lovely walk to Monkey Face with my 8-year old son. We enjoyed the activity, the view and the companionship.

Letter: Riders should be more careful

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

Recently, one of our popular citizens suffered a terrible bike riding accident in the park. I want to express my deepest sympathy to him and his family.

News of our past for April 14

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

Here are some newspaper stories published this week in years past: 25 years ago 'High water leaves screech owl without food for five days' WOODSON BRIDGE STATE PARK — When flood waters began to rise .

Planned business 'boot camps' favor entrepreneurs

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

OROVILLE — A series of "boot camps" that end up with an area business start-up receiving $5,000 in seed money, are planned.

RDA restructuring could boost city's cash flow

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

CHICO — A change in plans for spending bonds issued in 2005 by the Redevelopment Agency could eliminate a deficit in the redevelopment fund, and improve the city's cash flow.

Renovations to start on Lime Saddle Marina

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

PARADISE -- Big changes have begun at the Lime Saddle Marina on Lake Oroville. The first phase of what ultimately will be a $3 million expansion and renovation of the marina, located off of Pentz Road, are well underway.

UC San Diego rallies to knock off Chico State

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 12:30 AM CDT

The No. 12 UC San Diego baseball team rallied for two runs in the sixth and single runs in the seventh and eighth innings to come from behind and beat No.

Volunteers' drill meeting ends up being no-show affair

Posted: 14 Apr 2008 02:33 AM CDT

Police volunteers from Butte and Glenn counties met Saturday to learn more efficient communication and effective dispersion during a disaster.


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