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Daily listing of Enterprise-Record stories

Daily listing of Enterprise-Record stories

9:24 a.m.: Devastating Hurricane Ike swamps Texas, Louisiana

Posted: 13 Sep 2008 11:30 AM CDT

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Howling ashore with 110 mph winds, Hurricane Ike ravaged the Texas coast today, flooding thousands of homes and businesses, shattering windows in Houston's skyscrapers and knocking out power to millions of people.

All About Us: Everything is new means moving furniture again

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Tonight I had my husband help me rearrange the furniture in our house for the umpteenth time. We spent the evening unplugging and pushing, lifting and adjusting, and then, just when he thought everything was in the appropriate place, I had him move

Another 'Runner runaway: Butte football blasts Feather River

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 02:16 AM CDT

OROVILLE — One was at home and one was on the road, but those are just the sublime differences between the Butte College football team's swift victory Saturday and its season-opening win over Sacramento City last week.

Carry a healthy skepticism

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Is it November yet? Two months before the presidential election, I can't wait for it to be over. I get at least 100 e-mails a day about the presidential race.

Daily Planner: September 14

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Events DURHAM HARVEST FESTIVAL: 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Durham Community Park. 7:30-11 a.m. pancake breakfast, 11 a.

Daily Planner: September 15

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Community BLOOD DRIVE: Donor hours 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday. BloodSource, 555 Rio Lindo Ave., Chico. Must be in generally good health, weigh 110 pounds or more (under 17 years old must have parental consent.

Dave Davies column: Davis goes for state bull riding title

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 02:17 AM CDT

Chico's J.T. Davis took his first ride on a bull when he was 13, so the 19-year-old pretty much knows what he's doing now as the earnings leader in the statewide California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Association.

Editorial: Relative calm a positive sign

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Three weeks into the new school year at Chico State University and Butte College, we've noticed what we haven't noticed — the students.

Engineer's error caused train crash that killed 25 people

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:40 AM CDT

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A commuter train engineer who ran a stop signal was blamed Saturday for the nation's deadliest rail disaster in 15 years, a wreck that killed 25 people and left such a mass of smoldering, twisted metal that it took nearly a

Fire tears through Chico apartment building

Posted: 13 Sep 2008 12:06 PM CDT

CHICO — A fire burned part of an apartment complex on the 800 block of West Fourth Avenue this morning, displacing several families.

Fire-ravaged areas of Butte County moving forward

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:39 AM CDT

OROVILLE -- People are making progress at lifting their homes out of the ashes of this summer's firestorms.

Flashbacks from Here and There: A letter from Ajay

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

It's a rather spooky feeling when a column is due and the mind goes blank. Aha! But this time I'm prepared.

Former Butte student given Army NCO honor

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

FORT KNOX, Tenn. — Staff Sgt. Richard Russell was one of only 30 soldiers who was honored with induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club on Aug.

Group wants Chico to be 'Fair Trade Town'

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:40 AM CDT

CHICO — A local group hopes its efforts will lead to the certification of Chico as a "Fair Trade Town.

Homeless after fire: Apartment residents lose most possessions in predawn blaze

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

CHICO -- Sergio Maciel awoke just before dawn Saturday to the sound of a neighbor pounding on his door warning him that his house was on fire.

Journey of faith: West Africa to Chico

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

CHICO -- From a village in one of the poorest nations in the world to the home of a Chico family, it's been a long journey for Koudougou Koala, who just started his second year at Butte College.

Letter: Bias evident in politics, courts

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

The headline to an E-R article read something like this:Christian doctors refuse treatment to lesbian.

Letter: Chico State working on parking issues

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Several letters to the E-R have recently urged the university to either add more parking or discourage students from bringing a car from home.

Letter: Choice of Palin was a mistake

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

My first impressions of Sarah Palin are that she's mean spirited and can dish it out, but not take it.

Letter: Fogging hurts organic farmers

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Take note organic farmers and organic back yard gardeners: The poison being fogged in our county to kill flying mosquitoes includes a carcinogenic synergist called piperonyl butoxide.

Letter: Not the government's business

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Patients facing terminal illness need information based on who they are as individuals and what their doctor thinks, not an intrusion into their relationship with their doctor dictated by politicians.

Letter: Obama story has a familiar ring

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

I have long believed that history repeats itself, particularly in the political arena. This was verified in an article by Kenneth C.

Letter: Palin an extremist

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

I am very bothered by the extremist position of Sarah Palin. I don't believe the good citizens of this country would truly want someone like Sarah Palin for vice president when she has said that the war in Iraq is "God's task," humans don't

Letter: Palin selection an insult

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

I was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton because I really believed in her and in what she had to offer to our country.

Letter: Palin's positions a cause for concern

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Sarah Palin is being heralded by many as a "maverick," energizing the Republican base and willing to stand up to the status quo.

Letter: Prop. 2 would have bad consequences

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Proposition 2 threatens our safety, economy and food supply and I urge you to vote no. Animal rights and safety is a very emotional issue, however I implore you to use your intelligence when voting for this proposition.

Letter: Read and write carefully

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

E-R letter writer Delores Sidener recently recommended an anti-Obama book written by Jerome Corsi, a Republican conservative and conspiracy theorist who also co-authored the anti-Kerry swift boat book during the last presidential election.

Letter: Signers weren't pandering for votes

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

"Anything for votes." That is how the E-R describes the actions of several members and would-be members of the Chico City Council who signed an open letter to the Enloe Medical Center board of trustees.

Letter: South must stop wasting water

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

Regarding the story on the drought water bank, there is no need to not plant crops, like rice, to handle the present drought.

Local Roundup: Seawolves drop No. 25 Wildcats in five games

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 02:17 AM CDT

Despite a match-high 53 assists from Erica Brick, the Chico State volleyball team, ranked No. 25 in Division II, fell in five games to visiting Sonoma State on Saturday at Acker Gym.

Local briefs

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:38 AM CDT

Park, creeks cleanup set for Sept. 20 CHICO — The annual Bidwell Park and Chico creeks cleanup will start at two points Sept.

Niagara Falls: Still a worthwhile travel destination

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:38 AM CDT

Niagara Falls, one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and legendary spot for honeymooners, was my latest travel destination with a Seattle theater critic friend.

Oroville community shows spirit of unity

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:38 AM CDT

OROVILLE -- The Oroville community gathered together Saturday morning to show one unified spirit. As part of Building the Bridges of Friendship Day, more than 225 Oroville residents and 16 churches participated in a community work day at 11 sites

People on the Street

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

What do you think are the best and worst sources for unbiased election information? Asked Thursday at a Chico shopping center.

Roadrunners notebook: Roadrunners looking to correct discipline issues

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 02:17 AM CDT

OROVILLE — If not for two dead-ball penalties on personal fouls, the Butte College football team could have come away from its sound victory Saturday with a neat accolade — the notion of never being behind on the scoreboard so far this

Roadwork roundup

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:38 AM CDT

Here are some current north state road projects. New items are marked with bullets. Chico EAST FIRST AVENUE — Delays can be expected as the project to widen the northbound offramp continues; alternative routes are suggested.

Sept. 11 remains anniversary too painful to remember

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

This past week America went through one of the most painful and shocking anniversaries in our history.

The Bookshelf: "Hello, Day!"

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:37 AM CDT

What sound does a rabbit make, anyway? Do they even make one? Pick up Anita Lobel's Hello, Day! and find out.

Tribute at car show

Posted: 14 Sep 2008 12:38 AM CDT

Deborah Getz opens the door of her 2007 Memorial Hummer H2 during the People's Choice Car Show at Chico Elks Lodge Saturday.


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