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Friday, February 21

Good news everyone!

OK, maybe I overreacted (nothing new there). It appears that blogger's choking on generating archive pages, not the main index page. So life's good (aside from life itself). [Edit: Actually the archive pages look alright too. The mystery deepens.... - RTO]
Ahem, I haven't really posted an update to this site in about a month, but when I feel good and ready to actually write something (and kill time), Blogger can't "access my template" to publish the 'blog. Grrrr
Who knew that international Online orders would take so long to be delivered by mail? I ordered the first season DVDs -- Made in Canada, CBC's biting satire of the film and television industry, and Coupling, the British comedy on love and relationships currently on BBC America from (the Canadian version of the ol' chestnut).

Well, the order shipped on Feb. 5 via Canada Post Int'l Surface. Amazon says the package is expected to arrive "14 February - 27 February". That's more than 20 days at the outset. I live 50 miles away from Canada, as the crow flies -- I would've thought it would be a little faster than that.

The good news is that the currency exchange rate between our two nations is in America's favor. The order was about CDN$52 which comes out to be US$35. So I did save money from the domestic (which doesn't even sell "Made in Canada"). Still looking for a copy of Men with Brooms. :)


Thursday, February 20

Well, Valentines Day has come and gone. It doesn't seem like I did too much for the big day, but I did give one gift - a vase of roses - which I think was well received.


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