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Sunday, March 2

Some thoughts on the possibility of Homicide coming to DVD later this year:

A Homicide episode guide said all the episodes were shot on 16mm film and completed in widescreen (to keep the door open for HDTV), but were shown on NBC in "full-screen" format. If they're going to transfer the video from the original masters, I would certainly push for a widescreen-format DVD. If the pending annoucement isn't for widescreen, I'm going to make a big push in hopes that they would "reconsider."

I also wonder how they will present the three crossovers with "Law and Order" in later seasons. There are three L&O eps out there that tie in directly with Homicide. I would certainly like to have them on my DVDs for seasons 4, 5 and 6.
Good news regarding the TV series Homicide: Life on the Streets (from The Digital Bits:
In new upcoming DVD news, we've confirmed with A&E that they'll release Homicide: Life on the Street - The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD on 5/27. Watch for an official announcement soon.

While this is impressive news, casual fans should remember that the first season was only nine episode in length and the second season was a scant four! It was only in the third season that Homicide was given a full season order.

One can't equate quantity with quality (the early days of "best damn show on television" were also its most brilliant). I've been paying ~$15-20 for British and Canadian shows with only six-episode seasons. I would be willing to pay twice that for 13 episodes of H:LOTS. Just when I was only planning to add Deep Space Nine, The Simpsons and maybe Futurama to my DVD collection this year, I'll need to make room for Bayless, Pembleton, Munch and the rest of the gang....


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