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Thursday, April 3


Last month, I wrote 15 stories about Michigan Tech University. This month doesn't look to be too much different especially with news that a student is being sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for copyright infringment. Huzzah!

Slashdot | RIAA Moves Against College-Network Fileswapping
Blogging for fun and profit

I don't plug my family enough (I don't know why really), but my sister Sarah has her own 'blog at her Xanga Site.

Like the Caveman Lawyer: I'm a stranger to this new fantastical blogging world. I don't understand your e-mail or that glowing box that has small people in it. What I do know however is that my sister's Xanga page has some interesting content I would advise you to check it out.


Wednesday, April 2

Well, I've said that I'm going to do it. So here it is:
Ryan's blog.lite
My blog of what I eat. I started it on April 1 (what a joke) and I pledge to be faithful to what I eat.


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