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Friday, October 15

For posterity 

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Just taking a quick tour through the house, talking to family members to get their voices down "for posterity."


Thursday, October 14

'Bulge mystery' solved 

POWAY -- While discussing President Bush's "bulge problem" with a maternal source who declined to be identified, she pointed to a likely hypothesis. She said the Secret Service placed an anti-theft tag on Bush that would trigger an alarm if the president left the area.

Taking it from there, my theory is that the president is equipped with a Lojack which the Secret Service can activate to track Bush if he turns up missing.


Wednesday, October 13

Debate tidbits 

I'm just going to touch briefly on tonight's debate, and not launch a liveblog like last time. Still I noticed one thing watching this debate between Bush's bad jokes and lying -- both Kerry and Bush are wearing the same tie. Did anybody else notice this?

It's true that Bush's tie is a little lighter than Kerry's, but the red color and dotted pattern are the same. I would think there would be people from both camps looking out for something like this.

Election static 

POWAY -- Thanks to Kerry's strong lead in California, the airwaves in San Diego seem to be clear of any presidential ads. However, this void seems to be more than filled by ads for other races including state office as well as the countless state, county and city propositions.

Going into the 5 o' clock news tonight, I saw one political commercial after another. Since I haven't been following local politics since I live hundreds of miles away, everything is just so darn confusing. Why do people want to close a landfill that was overwhemlingly approved by voters a few years ago? What's up with this lawsuit reform proposition?

I'm generally a supporter of the proposition system, but I'm disappointed by so many issues that confront the voter every two years -- especially when there's two similar-looking propositions that do two totally different things. Another thing I don't like is when voters approve initiatives that strip rights away from others.

Like many people, I think I would vote "no" on any proposition unless there's a really, really good reason for it.
Note:I find it pretty funny that the state of California hasn't taken my name off the voter rolls since I moved away in January 2001. I wouldn't want to try it, but I guess the old saying "vote early, vote often" could apply to me.


Tuesday, October 12

The cat and I 

POWAY -- There's a lot of things I like about coming home. The family, the bright warm climate, home cooking, getting a morning newspaper, etc. There's only one minor downside to this Norman Rockwell picture of SoCal living -- the family's new cat Nika.

Alright, it's not a new cat -- it's been around the house for about three years, but the female feline took my room when I moved out. In a living accommodations sense, Nika replaced me.

The problem isn't the cat. It's trying to live with the cat when I'm allergic to some types of cat fur including hers. When I come home on vacations, I get along fine for a couple days then it starts. The running noses, the sneezing, irritated eyes, etc. For the first couple of times, I chalked it up to coming down with a cold -- a cold whose symptoms disappeared when I left the house.

"But she's very lovable," Mom says. I can't help but agree. Nika has a great attitude -- for a cat. But the point remains that the cat invokes a bad physical reaction in me that is a slight downside to returning home.

In the end, I can live with it (as long as there's plenty of tissue paper and some anti-histamine drugs around).


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