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Friday, October 29

Endorsement Time 

Again, I'm not big on the politics on this blog and I'm not going to go overboard with reasons why this blog is endorsing Sen. John Kerry for U.S. president. Instead, I'm going to link to the Orange County Weekly's Oct. 4 article entitled "59 Reasons Why Bush Sucks". There's plenty of reasons why America should not return Bush for another term in office (even if I don't agree with all the reasons the OC Weekly article states).

I know that the article doesn't state why Kerry would be a stronger president. Watching the debates has shown candidate Kerry to be strong debater and eliminated many of my concerns about his ability to lead. The senator seems to be willing to work with other nations to accomplish the U.S. government's goals abroad while not conceding America's sovereignty at home.

That's all I've got to say for now. Regardless of the outcome on Nov. 2, I do encourage everyone to vote.


Monday, October 25

Celine Dion overload 

HANCOCK, Mich. -- I've been out of some loops for two weeks, but apparently the big joke on the CBC's comedy shows (Air Farce, 22 Minutes) last week was Air-Canada's hiring Celine Dion to be a part of its new ad blitz. We'll see if Rick Mercer's Monday Report mentions it in a few minutes for the sweep. Edited to add -- Yep, first joke on the programme.

They just announced the deal and Air Canada has already started the new commercials. I saw one tonight during The Greatest Canadian. I was surprised about how quickly they started the ads.

The ads were alright -- nothing too astounding. A bunch of people doing their thing around the world with clear "airplane" window frames floated around them. Dion's song is pretty typical of her other work. Apparently, the airline's message is that Air Canada is the best service for travelers of all sorts.
An aside -- Although I'm just getting acquainted with the Top 10 list of the Greatest Canadians, I don't think CBC personality and former NHL coach Don Cherry merits the top spot. Cherry's certainly a dynamic and vibrant commentator who stokes Canadians' emotions on and off the ice, but he simply doesn't compare to historic figures who have innovated or led the nation through periods of tremendous strife.

I'm sure I'll change my mind a couple of times, but right now I'm leaning toward former PM Pierre Trudeau or telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell (yes, he's Canadian).

Home again... 

Late at night, the lift bridge can be a welcome sight after a two weeks on the road.

Portage Lake Lift Bridge at night

Although I've loved all the places I've visited and the people that I've met, it was nice to sleep in my own bed.

That photo, by the way, is from Pasty Central, a nice site that provides a good insight on the U.P. They also sell pasties to boot.


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