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Thursday, November 11

Marquee madness 

I saw The Incredibles this week. Like nearly everyone else, I found it to be a kick-butt CGI film that's probably better than most live-action "blockbusters."

Anyway, while I was buying my ticket for the show, I noticed that the marquee outside the theater had a hidden message:

The Incredibles

When I asked the staff about it, they were just as amazed as me. Probably just a funny convergence of certain movie titles.

Still, it was fun, just like when I pointed out to the auto shop people that one of the advertisements on the store's door promoted a product that would "pull" for you. Trouble is, it's on a door you push to enter the building.

POP goes Gmail 

A gig of Web-based e-mail is all well and good, but lot of other people, including me, want to be able to download messages to our desktops.

According to a MacCentral story (via Y!), Google is planning to give Gmail POP3 support as well as antivirus protection. Kudos to Google for working on this -- I think it definitely adds value to their product because I'm definitely more willing to use their service.


Wednesday, November 10

Tick, tock news tickers 

BBC World seems to have joined the rest of the news channel pack and made their news ticker a permanent addition to their newscast.
BBC World. Now with ticker!

Now, BBC World has used the ticker before, but it usually appeared during breaking news events and when they're sharing coverage with BBC News 24. On the other hand, I'm watching BBC World's coverage of Yasser Arafat's death right now and the ticker is absent.

I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's hard for me to get used to that ticker for now. The design is neat, but it's disconcerting. The fact that the ticker vanishes underneath the BBC World logo before it can move off the screen is off putting to me. It's also weird that the ticker is actually lifted off of the bottom of the screen instead of being anchored down.

Still, the information that's presented in the ticker can be useful to the casual viewer.

Reasons why the Internet rocks # 5,293 

Just browsing through RSS feeds recommended by Yahoo! and's World of Potato Chips and Snacks pops up.

If you've ever paused at the convenience store line wondering if that Key Lime-flavored Kit-Kat bar is worth your 65, then this is the site for you. There's so many snacks that get reviewed on this Web site, it's M-Azing (which the reviewer says is "too sweet" and "nothing great.")


Tuesday, November 9


I know I'm a week late writing this, but I wanted to say it's a shame that SNL did their "Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein" sketch. In that sketch, a female Dr. Frankenstein (Kate Winslet) created the "perfect man" who happens to be gay. It's only a shame because a few months ago, during the federal anti-gay marriage amendment debate, I was thinking how funny it would be to have a gay Dr. Frankenstein make a gay bride. It would be the "Gay Bride of Frankenstein."

Of course, my take on the sketch would've been more political than the SNL version -- the townspeople would wonder if they hate the monster because he's a "monster" or because he's gay. I'm sure there would've been a way to make it funny and still make a point, but I'm not a comedian so what do I know. It's probably for the best that SNL didn't "go there."


I meet the minimum requirement to emigrate to Canada as a "skilled worker" according to the Government of Canada's Skilled Worker Self-Assessment. There's some other requirements that I don't currently meet (like having enough money to make it six months in the True North, Strong and Free), but it's still nice to know -- just in case. ;)


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