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Wednesday, January 12

Deep Thoughts 

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The cult of Apple seems to be very strong in New York. The vast majority of headphones I see on the subway are iPod headphones and the SoHo Apple Store (two floors!) is packed to the gills. Speaking of Apple, I like their new product releases (the Mac Mini, the iPod Shuffle and iWork). However, that's at first glance. I'm sure I'll have a more informed opinion as time goes on.

There's so much to write about, but not enough time. So until I can correct this in future posts, here's some thoughts:

- Getting lost in cities.
- Obscure landmarks that only I'm really interested in.
- The irony when Rush Limbaugh says "The problem with listening to complainers is that you'll eventually become one."
- Roadside eats.
- Doing stuff for free in NYC.
- Why don't people put addresses clearly on buildings?
- Not enough time to do stuff.
- Getting places when they're closed.
- I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing.
- The Mac Mini -- The next low-cost Macintosh LC (generally pretty good) or the next Performa (astonishingly awful)?

More later.


Tuesday, January 11

The safe bet is no bet 

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- It's a really wonderful thing that I don't gamble very much. If I had money on this past weekend's NFL games, I would've been signing up for the poorhouse (or whatever anyone does at a poorhouse). I went oh-for-four on the weekend's four games.

It's true that I was rooting for my favorite teams (San Diego, Denver and Green Bay) to win, but San Diego and Green Bay was favored by many to win. Instead, with Seattle, they were all sent packing (probably not to the poorhouse).

It was an excruciating time to listen to these games on the radio driving down from Michigan. Oh well, that's why they play the games right? By the way, I'm picking Atlanta to lose all the way to the Super Bowl. ;)


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