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Saturday, January 22

Time to tidy up 

Well, now that I'm back in Michigan, it's time to hunker down and get some real work around the house. I've already gone through a lot of magazines, old clothes, old Gazettes, etc.

Still there's a lot of stuff that I have to go through and cleaning to be done. High on my list is rooting through all the newspapers I've accumulated over the past few months. I can't bear to separate from them without at least skimming through them. I'll probably keep notes so I can refer to them at some point while recycling them.

Anyway, life goes on.

Rooting around 

There's a discussion going on at TrekBBS about the contents of people's wallets. The thread was entitled "What's in your wallet?" like the Capital One credit card commercials.

I cleaned my wallet out last August, but I've still got a bit of clutter. Here's what's inside:

* Michigan driver's license
* MetroCard (one-day pass to use NYC mass transit)
* SmarTrip card (electronic pass to use Washington DC Metro mass transit and parking lots)
* San Diego City Library card (with SD County Library sticker). Long expired.
* Blockbuster Rewards card
* First Class Phone Card (U.S. Poster Service/AT&T phone card)
* Wells Fargo cards
* Bank of America card
* University at Buffalo Library Work Station Access Card (to access UB library computers)
* A mini-map of Washington DC from Knight-Ridder (a media company)
* A business card for a Wells Fargo personal banker
* Holiday Station Stores Milk Club card (Buy 12 gallons, get one free). Only bought one so far.
* Directions to get to a friend's mother's house in Elkhart, Ind.
* A piece of scrap paper with an e-mail address of Hancock's photographer on it.
* Certificate of no-fault insurance from State Farm. Expired last Sept.
* Ticket to attend opening reception of Unity 2004 at Union Station in DC on Aug. 4. Unity was a convention for journalists of color.
* Business card for a Philadelphia school official that I met at the Unity reception.
* Punched MARC rail ticket (although it says Amtrak) to travel from BWI Airport outside Baltimore, Md. to DC's Union Station. Used on 4 Aug 2004.
* Dental insurance card. No good.
* Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurance card. Again, no good.
* State Farm car insurance card. Expired in 2002.

There's lots of memories in my wallet. Much like my dwelling and life itself.

So what's in your wallet?


Friday, January 21

Inauguration Day 

HANCOCK, Mich. -- I don't know why this has happened, but I've been on the road for President George W. Bush's two inaugurations. The first time was in 2001 when I was traveling from Poway to Hancock to start work at The Daily Mining Gazette.

This week, I was driving across the Upper Peninsula heading back to Hancock after an extended trip. I got to visit Virginia, DC, New York, friends in Connecticut and Toronto. All-in-all, it was a good trip.

I listened to Bush's inaugural speech yesterday over Central Michigan University's radio network. Throughout the entire speech, I was thinking that the message of the speech was "Do as I say, not as I do." Still, we do live in interesting times.


Wednesday, January 19

What's all this? 

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Apparently, the servers at the University of California, San Diego hosting alumni data has been hacked again. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, this is the third time the servers containing personal data have been hacked in the past few months. Officials were quick to say that this breach was a minor one quickly resolved, but three intrusions doesn't sound awesome (even if the first big one was just a hacker using the server to host warez or movies or something).

I'm happy that a recent credit check showed my info. to be safe, but geez, maybe they should switch their server platforms to Mac OS X Server. ;)


Tuesday, January 18

Different shows for different folks 

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. -- I haven't forgotten all the little things I was going to write before, but I just was thinking about the different TV shows I watch with my friends. One group of friends I watch BBC's The Office with and others it's Coupling.

Interesting that people have different viewing interests and yet I can share them with others. Just thinking out loud, something I do a lot from time to time.

Edit -- I also meant to add that very few of my friends want to watch science-fiction programming with me. This is especially evidenced when my friend says, "You can watch anything you want but Stargate."

It's sad, really. My sci-fi watching life is a solitary one. ;)


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