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Saturday, April 16

Not gonna take it 

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I thought I'd see how my cell phone does at recording loud noises (uh, brilliantly performed music). As you can see, it didn't really cut the mustard.

Maybe CNET or someone could use the "marching band test" for cell phones. Remember, I've got prior use! ;)

Still, it was cool to hear "We're not going to take it" with a mosh pit flailing about in front.

Beginnings Begins 

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I could only capture a brief snippet of the insanity that is Beginnings, as performed by the Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band (with the backup of hundreds of musicians). This year's performance lasted 34 minutes. Which is slightly above par, IIRC.

Destination: Davis 

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Heading toward Chico at 75 miles per hours. Trilling, Really.


Thursday, April 14


OK, so I was a little peeved that I had to wait at home in the middle of the day for a UPS delivery -- especially because I didn't know what it was (I hadn't ordered anything lately). I getting a little anxious when the UPS guy shows and a small box into my hands.

I quickly open it up and, to my utter surprise, it was a silver Apple iPod mini. Apparently I was one of the winners of the latest Pepsi-iTunes giveaway where they were giving an iPod away every hour for two months. I was mainly using the promotion to score "free" songs when I buy a soda.

Now, I have something to put my tunes on. It says it can hold about 1,500 songs (for 100 hours worth of music). Bah, I can load up my episodes of This American Life -- 430 hours worth (almost 18 days!).


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