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NEW! View of the Price Center and Geisel Library

Welcome to UCSDvr.

This is an opportunity to see the campus of the University of California, San Diego from the comfort of your home computer connected to the Internet.

What's involved.

UCSD was captured using a 35mm. camera, a scanner, a Power Macintosh. The specific technology is called QuickTime VR , a part of Apple Computer's QuickTime Multimedia Layer.

How to view UCSD.

Viewing the campus through the Internet requires certain stuff. You will need to download some very light (on your computer) tools. Once you have these tools, you can click on the map of the campus or a list of places.

UCSDvr is a production of The Kronos One Project, with no affiliation to UCSD all rights reserved 1997, 96.

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Apple technology at work.

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