Thursday, August 05, 2004

Entering journalism arena

I'm writing from an Internet kiosk with many eager journalists waiting in line, so I'll be brief. Kerry gave a well-received speech this morning. His speech was a good blend of his current campaign talking points and addressing the concerns of attendees. I hope Bush does this well tomorrow.

So far, the media and career fair is very useful for me -- primarily for making contacts although the critique I received for news writing gave included some good pointers and positive feedback.

It's fun trying to balance my time at the fair with the workshops and everything else I want to do in the Beltway. There should be some fun tonight at the convention hotel -- many receptions will be underway.

I've jotted down many thoughts on my eMate. I'll be updating the blog with these entries whenever I can.

First off: Journalism Arena

Why didn't I sign up for UNITY six months ago? I found out yesterday that Iron Chef Morimoto would be at Friday's AAJA gala. However, there's a considerable waitlist with the show "sold out." I also found out that he wouldn't be speaking, but "attending."

In addition to the Iron Chef, someone named Connie Chung is supposed to be speaking. However, seeing Morimoto in person would've made my day.

More later.


I can't see the blog from where I'm posting at the career fair. I'm kinda hoping that it can be viewed elsewhere. I don't know why it's a big deal -- IMO blogging typically means far more for the author than for the intended audience.

On the floor

On the floor of the career expo. Working on this entry while balancing the computer on one hand and typing with the other. It's kinda awkward, but it's working out.

Making good contacts that I'm definitely going to follow up on. Ran into former Guardian editor Grace. Still trying to develop my schedule, but there's still a lot of people I want to meet.

Kerry gave an excellent speech this morning. Look forward to seeing Bush speak tomorrow.

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Getting used to DC

I'm getting adjusted to how close so many attractions are to the convention center. NPR, one of my meccas of journalism, is literally across the street.

My initial accommodations are another example. I spent my first night in the International Hostel on 11th Street (where many young, frugal journalists are staying). The facility is relatively close to the Metro Center rail station -- about four blocks. It's a shame that I later realized that the main entrance to the "new" convention center is two-and-a-half blocks away.

The distance to the subway station would've been manageable had there not been a sudden cloudburst Wednesday night. Thankfully, nothing got soaked because of the refuge of the "old" convention center. As it turns out, the hostel is between both buildings.

The hostel was a nice, if old, place and I wish I got to spend more time getting to know the global trekkers that stayed there. However, I'm committed to stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Crystal City. I got a heckuva deal on rates, and I'm tickled pink that it's near the Metro line (which goes right back to the convention center).

This post was originally created on Aug. 5, 2004. It was uploaded later.