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Command the Future
What my next phase will be

Sept. 1998.

I must admit that writing this column has been one of the hardest things to do in a long time. For weeks, I've put off writing this and when I finally sat down to write, the words flowed rapidly into different forms that will not see the light of day.

I am a firm believer that lives (and history) flows in cycles. I've found Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s Cycles of American History to be fascinating. I can also get a kick out of the Byrds' version of "Turn, Turn, Turn." I find my life flowing in phases.

Over the past eight years, I have been in at least four different phases (each of them surprisingly two years in length). The first phase was middle school. Second was the first two years of high school in Roswell, Georgia. Third was completing my secondary education at Poway High School in California. My current phase is the first two years of college at UC San Diego. During the past two years, the college newspaper, The UCSD Guardian has played a large role.

I now believe that I am entering a fifth phase, my last two years at UCSD. There is a big difference from this phase and the last -- the simple fact that I am no longer an editor for the Guardian.

I can see now the tremendous role that the Guardian played in the first two years at UCSD. It hovered over me, controlling me as I helped to put out a paper twice a week. The Guardian has helped to set me on my current path. I have chosen to major in Communication because of what I learned at the newspaper.

I regret to say that I don't know what role the Guardian will play during the next two years. Leaving things behind is one of the greatest things that I dread.

I can say that I have spent two long and rewarding years with the Guardian. Despite criticism from some, I know that my efforts were not in vain. As I enter my junior year, I can see elements of my previous years resurfacing. In a sense, these are my new school year resolutions.

I must rededicate myself to my studies. Now that I have completed all but two of my General Education requirements, I can focus on my major(s). During the last quarter, the interesting classes and challenging subject matter thrilled me. I know that I can succeed if I place sufficient effort into my studies.

No matter what affiliation I may have with the Guardian next year, I hope to pursue the field of communication, with journalism in particular. Journalism is one of the greatest professions that a person can pursue. To that end, I'm going to find students with similar interests and form a student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The people that I have spoken to have expressed great interest and I hope that UCSD can pull it off.

In addition to the UCSD chapter of SPJ, I will apply for internships at newspapers, radio and TV stations and perhaps National Public Radio. I realize that the Guardian experience is drastically different from the "real world," and I want to develop working skills.

I hope to be heavily involved with the UCSD Pep Band next year. Already this summer, I have helped to get the band off to a great start in 1998. The band has several interesting events planned for the new year. The Pep Band gives me great joy because I can perform music.

This year marks the tenth year since I first picked up a clarinet way back in the fifth grade at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Colorado Springs. Music has been one of the most constant things in my life (next to family, of course). During this next year, I will practice more and grow musically.

I have always had tremendous respect for institutions like schools and governments. To bolster school spirit at UCSD, I will push for a "Spirit Council" and "Spirit Club." I want to bring everyone together to coordinate and organize UCSD's many activities so that the campus will be unified to a certain extent when it enters NCAA Division II in Fall 2000. I will encourage others to spearhead ideas -- for I realize that I am only one person with one voice. I hope that UCSD's voices can be combined together to form a harmonious chorus.

Updating this website is another goal. I aim to have a weekly update with new material -- commentaries, essays, research papers and links to relevant websites. I will revive UCSDvr to capture UCSD and place it on the web for the world to see. I hope that other subjects will reach the web as well.

Finally, my sincerest wish and highest goal is to become a more well-rounded person. Over the years, I've realized that I can zealously pursue some subjects, while leaving others languishing. I need to have contact with other people outside of a professional or familiar context. I want to remain in contact with the people that I care about.

I realize that these are lofty goals of which I can normally only accomplish a few. However, I know that goals are accomplished one step at a time. I know what I need to do, I just need to take the first steps.

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