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All of the radio stations listed use RealAudio from RealNetworks, Inc.

What I Listen To
My favorite RealAudio Sites

With the onslaught of the Internet, radio stations are no longer limited to the airwaves. There are dozens of radio stations on the Web, just waiting to be listened to.

Often times, these stations are superior to those offered in the San Diego region. Sometimes, the sound downloaded from the Internet sounds like its from an AM radio, but the _music_ itself is special and something that I hope that alot of people can appreciate.

These are some of the radio stations that I listen to on a regular basis. These link to the stations' web sites. From the sites are links to the RealAudio broadcasts of the stations.

These are the top three stations that I listen to. More Internet radio links are below. There are a ton more radio stations out there.

My Favorite Websites

WWOZ 90.7 fm new orleans
WWOZ 90.7 fm new orleans
WWOZ calls itself "the greatest radio station on the planet." Who are we to disagree? This station's playlist ranges all over the jazz world. They start every broadcast day with a John Coltrane song.

National Public Radio
National Public Radio

NPR has got to be the most thorough news site on the Internet. RealAudio broadcasts of their hourly news update and searchable audio archives of their shows going back to 1995.

WREK 90.1 atlanta
WREK 90.1 atlanta

WREK's current slogan is "Music you don't hear on the radio," and it's true. The format for this college station based out of Georgia Tech in Atlanta is "diversified." Personally, I only have the time to listen to their vast jazz music offerings.

KFMB-FM 100.7 san diego

Star plays mostly Top 40 music, but has several '80s shows. They're slick and commercial, so I don't listen to them unless there's _nothing_ else on.

The Rest of the Very Best

  • - most of the radio stations on the Internet can be found at this one site. This site offers CNN Audioselect and NASA-TV.
  • WNNX 99.7 FM Atlanta - Sure there are a lot of "X" stations in the U.S., but I think that Atlanta's is the best. (San Diego's is 91X)
  • WSB 750 AM Atlanta - Live broadcasts of Atlanta Braves games.
  • XHRM-FM 92.5 FM San Diego - This station used to be my favorite in San Diego before they changed formats. Now they're "independent radio." Oops, looks like Jacor bought them out and changed their format to ultra-yuppie, ultra-"cool", classic rhythm and blues "Magic 92.5."
  • KPBS-FM 89.5 FM San Diego - NPR for San Diego. They don't have live Internet radio broadcasting, but I listen to KPBS when I'm in the car (and thus away from the computer.)
  • WFMT 98.7 FM Chicago - Great classical music in stereo. (They used to have Studs Terkel) I wouldn't have to listen to classical over the Internet, but Nationwide Broadcasting took away San Diego's classical station (KFSD) and turned it into a yuppie station called "The Eagle" offering watered-down music from the late '60s and early '70s. Oops, looks like Jacor bought 94.1 FM and changed their format to ultra-yuppie, ultra-"cool" K-JOY 94.1. Love songs of today and yesterday.
  • KSDT Cable UCSD - UC San Diego's college radio station. Offered only on cable, it is expected to be broadcast over the Internet in the fall.

Kronos One

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