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Random Photos

I've taken a decent amount of photos since taking my first camera to Holland in 1994. Here are a few...

The Golden Gate Bridge taken at Fort Point during my first trip to San Francisco. (Aug. 1999)

Golden Gate Bridge

Family on Cable Car My three sisters hanging on for dear life on a cable car in San Francisco.
The cable car that we rode on in San Francisco. I used the photo to create a postcard.

Cable Car

Class of 98 The entire Uno-Olson family at the Poway High School stadium for the graduation of Sarah in June 1998.
Sisters on Snakepath at UCSDMelinda and Katie Uno on the Snake Path at UCSD in May 1997. In the background is the Geisel Library. The inscription on the book is from Milton's Paradise Lost - "Then wilt thou not be loth to leave this Paradise, but shalt possess a Paradise within thee, happier far."
Roswell HS Band at Rijksmusuem The exterior of the Rijksmusuem in Amsterdam during my bands' trip to Holland in 1994. One of the first photos I've ever taken.

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