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These are the electronic versions of the stories that I've submitted with job applications. The stories were selected as examples of the different types of writing I can do.

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Breaking news:
This Oct. 22, 2003 story started out the night before when I received a phone call from a North Carolina newspaper reporter seeking information. What followed was an overnight effort by myself and a colleague to find local connections to Staff Sgt. Paul J. Johnson's life although he moved from the area five years ago.

Tech shocker: School will drop football
Breaking news:
I found out that Michigan Tech University was canceling its football program about three hours before press time on March 18, 2003. I contacted several players who detailing their morning workout where coaches told them the news.

This story was the first in a series which won a first-place award from the Michigan Associated Press Editorial Association in sports enterprise reporting. The complete series can be found here.

MTU alumni want football saved
Enterprise reporting:
A follow-up to the original story, this March 24,2003 piece provides an update while looking in-depth at how university athletics is funded. The complete series, which won a first-place award from the Michigan Associated Press Editorial Association, can be found here.

Witnesses recall hit-and-run
Cops and courts:
The story looks at the events leading up to a fatal hit-and-run accident that killed a university student based on witness testimony during the defendant's preliminary hearing. The story was published on Dec. 4, 2003.

Ice fishing for fun, friendship
The story, published on Feb. 23, 2004, looks at the camaraderie of old friends taking part in their annual tradition of ice fishing.

Where's Rothwell?
Public service:
I initiated the story to take a closer look at a university board member who failed to attend a meeting during his first year in office. The official later resigned. The story was published on Dec. 12, 2004.

A year later, deadly blaze recalled
This Aug. 22, 2003 story marked the anniversary of a fraternity fire that claimed the life of one university student. During the year that followed, city officials launched a massive campaign to update housing codes as a result of the fire. I spearheaded the idea to look back at what had changed -- from fire safety to fraternity members to firefighters. This is my contribution to a two-story package.

Tompkins loses campus vote
Breaking news:
The university senate released the vote results about 90 minutes before press time on Dec. 19, 2003. The story includes interviews with the university and senate presidents discussing the results. The story includes sources considering the vote's impact on the university.

Head of the Class
This Nov. 7, 2003 story details local and statewide results of a standardized high school test. The story includes comments from school administrators, board members and parents on the importance of such testing.

Local pasty to be Arnold’s humble pie
The story takes a closer look at the traditional wager between politicians during professional sports championships. The story was published on June 17, 2004.


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