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Monday, October 31, 2005

Movin' on up

Congrats to former DMGer Steve Neavling for his big jump from The Bay City Times to the Detroit Free Press starting later today.

While visiting him in the Bay City area, it was interesting seeing him have tons of public records to pour over at his apartment. I wish I had that amount of gumption.

Despite some interesting circumstances in his early career in Pennsylvania, his dedication and enthusiasm have truly served him well as he's steadily moved forward.

Part of me is jealous that he'll be next to Windsor, Ont. -- meaning he could pick up CBC radio and TV over the air. I know, I'm a dork.

Congratulations, Steve!

In other DMG news, word is that chief photographer William A. Rice has recently moved on after several years in the position. I enjoyed working with him on assignment and in the overheated production room. I was impressed by a lot of his work. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

It's disappointing to note that the Gazette doesn't seem to have any intention to refill Rice's position. This leaves a part-timer and the reporters to capture the Copper Country with cameras, in addition to their other duties.

Fall cleaning

I've noticed the professional side of my site isn't as current as it should be. There have been no updates since I started at the Enterprise-Record. With some looking to the site for inspiration, the content is getting long in the tooth (not that I don't mind going through my old work).

That's going to change shortly. I've got a couple of posts roaring to go on this blog. While I haven't written the next great expose over the past eight months, I've got some stories that I would be proud to post up here. I also want to detail some of my work helping to develop additional news content for paper's Web site -- including the "live" event blogs for Labor Day and Halloween.

More soon.

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