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Monday, July 31

MySpace cheeses me off 

It's killing me how often a crucial feature of MySpace is offline. Two weekends ago, their whole system went down because of an L.A.-area blackout. It's understandable, although a service so large should be prepared for such eventualities.

Tonight, their log-in is disabled.

It's frustrating. If it's not the log-in, the search is down or it's a specific user's profile.

I would be careful if I were MySpace. Users may be willing to forgive some things, but these sporadic and all-too-frequent outages can be a massive turnoff.


It took Google nearly two days to process, but it finally spit out the new video I produced over the weekend.


Saturday, July 15

At a crossroads... 

Not really, but it seems like an appropriate title because I'm continuing to experiment with Google Maps.

This trial run is hampered/enhanced by the fact I don't have too much Javascript experience. I'm leaning really heavily on Google Maps API documentation page. Still I'm enjoying gleaning a little bit about the language's syntax and some other ins and outs.

It definitely makes me want to experiment more.

And while I'm not really at a crossroads, some of my friends are as they move on to bigger and better things. Best of luck to them as they move to new jobs or new houses.


Thursday, July 13

A whole new world 

Just got a Google Maps API code. Let's take it for a whirl:

Edit: Well, Blogger didn't seem to like my code so I removed it. I'll be working on the test page instead.



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