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Friday, August 22

Youpii vs. Yooper 

The sobig virus is really annoying me. I'm on a Mac so I can't get infected or transmit the virus. Unfortunately that doesn't stop others from e-mailing me the virus -- 150 times.

Although we're mostly Macs at work, I think it took down the company's e-mail server in West Virginia briefly yesterday. Network traffic was congested today. Oh well.

BTW, I was watching a repeat of the pilot episode of "The Sťan Cullen Show" when the Montreal Expos' Youppi mascot. Given my silly trains of thought that I go off on from time to time, I thought it would be modestly funny to have a face-off between Youpii and a Yooper. Because you know, they sound similar ... and they look totally different (for the most part ....)

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