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Saturday, September 11

It's Edible Incredible! or Incredible Edible! 

People who have read my blog know that I write a bit about the CBC from time to time. It's pretty much my network of choice right now. What people may not know is that the official name of this blog is "Ryan's incredible, edible blog" in tribute to the American Egg Council's "It's the Incredible, Edible Egg" ad campaign.

Now it seems like the two things have collided, in a sense. In the past year, I look at what Google searches people use to access my site. One phrase "CBC Edible Incredible" came up several times. I scratched my head, like I'm sure many people did when they clicked through to my site.

As it turns out, the CBC has a new children's program called Surprise! It's Edible Incredible! which started airing last month. I saw the first episode -- it's kind of interesting. Although the Web site calls it "Iron Chef meets Fear Factor," I think it closely resembles BBC series "Can't Cook, Won't Cook" in terms of presentation except with kids.

So anyway, Google search mystery solved.

Hey Ryan I am Actually One Of The Contestants Friends On this Show! And Beleave Me it Rocks You should all watch it! actually im going to watch it in 5 minutes :D anyways THIS SHOW ROX!
Ok its me again (the one one edible incredible) lmao ok just to let u know its on mondays at 4:30 pm and saturdays @ 11:30 am
Thanks for commenting. I do tune into the CBC during the afternoon, mainly for The Simpsons. I'll bet you were surprised to watch the CBC this afternoon and get the Health Care Summit instead of The X and Edible Incredible!

It's cool hearing from someone whose friend was on the show. Did you get to go on the show too, and taste the food? That would've been neat. Anyway, thanks again for writing. - Ryan
I watch it all the time. I want to get on it.
how do you even get on this show anyways?
I don't have information about how to apply to be on the show. As far as I can tell, Edible Incredible is produced by Apartment 11 Productions.

You can send them questions and comments through the feedback form I linked to. Thanks for your comment.
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