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Friday, December 31

Some thoughts on the tsunami 

There's an interesting commentary from the CBC's Rex Murphy calling on the people of the "First World" to help those stricken by the disaster (who are typically from the "Third World").

Some interesting thoughts and I think helps illustrate some of the differences between action and deed. I was especially struck by his last words -- "And if an earthquake and a tsunami can't wake us out of the slumbers of complacency and prosperity, well then there's nothing that can."

Ok, so I finally broke down and got Chris the "Final Countdown" ringtone for his cell phone...
Sarah --

I think you've made a huge mistake. ;)

Actually, GOB would be pretty happy about your latest purchase. It's pretty funny and I'm sure Chris appreciates it.
Yeah, sorry to post such a frivolous comment on an entry about the tsunami disaster...
Hey, it's all right. I haven't been posting that much lately and I really appreciate the comments on my Web site (because I'm attention starved :-D ).
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