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Sunday, December 5

Where's the outrage? 

Tongue-in-Cheek Theater proudly presents...

HANCOCK -- Given the tremendous and mostly unjustifiable uproar over people seeing a woman's nude back on Monday Night Football, I'm curious about where our self-appointed guardians of virtue are to protest the promos for the upcoming film, "Meet the Fockers."

Clearly, the name is meant to inspire people to think of the word "fu--er." And everyone knows that "f-ck-r" a naughty bad word that shouldn't be used in polite conversation because it refers to something sexual. Outrage! After all, if you're going to be offended by implied nudity (the woman with the exposed back was wearing pasties and cut-off shorts), you should be up in arms by implied swearing -- heck implied anything.

And if you think that people won't think of that word during the promos, you haven't heard Pat O'Brien nasally say "Focker."

On a related note, I'm anxious to start seeing woman on television to start donning veils and other coverings. We, the American public, can't handle seeing any exposed female flesh at all.

Also, what right does that woman have to be seen in public without being escorted by a male member of her family? She's just asking for trouble going around without an escort, especially because men can't be held responsible for their actions when they're whipped into a frenzy of passion.

Disclaimer - I wouldn't recommend any of the measures in my post -- including veils, escorts or being outraged about "focker." I also ordinarily wouldn't have any problem using the F-word but I don't want any Web censors to block my site simply because I used profanity.

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