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Thursday, January 6

Heading back to the Great White North 

HOUSTON -- Well, after nearly two terrific weeks in sunny climate of San Diego, I'll be back in the snow-covered Copper Country in about 12 hours. In the next couple of days, I'll reflect on many of the fun things I got to do in San Diego and Poway including visiting the band, New Year's Eve, the family and getting frisked by the UCSD police.

Until then, here's just a couple of thoughts on the Houston-George Bush International Airport. First of all, the layout of this airport is as chaotic and hard to navigate as the Minneapolis and Detroit airports. The thing is those airports have tried to implement solutions to try and ease the flyers' travels through the terminals (through the use of trams). Despite a renovation, Houston doesn't seem to be going that route just yet with the fleet of mini-cars hauling some of the passengers through the concourses.

Secondly, there's only a handful of Internet terminals and wireless access is limited to the Presidents' Club. Again, with a recent renovation underway, adding wireless Internet to the airport would've been an easy amenity to provide. Oh well. The Neptune networks terminal that I'm writing this on is fast and responsive. However, with my right arm perched on top of the cash box and my neck craned to the right to read the LCD, it's not the most ergonomic. Still, I'm addicted and I need my fix.

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