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Saturday, January 22

TV Notes 

I was fascinated by tonight's episode of Scientific American Frontiers. Host Alan Alda followed up on several people who undertook several techniques to lose weight. It was very interesting to see how some coped with different types of weight-loss surgery. While stomach stapling is the most popular surgery, there were some interesting other ways to medically aid dieters.

I think that's a big difference between commercial TV and PBS. Commercial shows, like talk show Maury Povich, love to show people who are excessively overweight. Maury likes to showcase chubby kids when he's not trying to find out the fathers of other children. PBS, and some commercial news programs, can provide some insight into these conditions.

Nova is focusing on the history of the Concorde (in the episode "Supersonic Dream"). Amazing to think that we had a commercial SST airplane that could fly a mile every three seconds.

Note -- I saw Desperate Housewives for the first time. Interesting show, but I didn't think it was as "scandalous" as some make it out to be. Am I the only who thinks the disembodied voice of the narrator is akin to the one in sci-fi series The Outer Limits?

I know, in the case of Desperate Housewives, the narrator is the wife who apparently committed suicide at the series premiere.

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