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Thursday, April 14


OK, so I was a little peeved that I had to wait at home in the middle of the day for a UPS delivery -- especially because I didn't know what it was (I hadn't ordered anything lately). I getting a little anxious when the UPS guy shows and a small box into my hands.

I quickly open it up and, to my utter surprise, it was a silver Apple iPod mini. Apparently I was one of the winners of the latest Pepsi-iTunes giveaway where they were giving an iPod away every hour for two months. I was mainly using the promotion to score "free" songs when I buy a soda.

Now, I have something to put my tunes on. It says it can hold about 1,500 songs (for 100 hours worth of music). Bah, I can load up my episodes of This American Life -- 430 hours worth (almost 18 days!).

Do you have the This American Life's from Audible, or from the website? I thought that all ipods would play Audible files.
Yes, all the iPods can play Audible, IIRC. My math involved the higher-quality Type 4 Audible files at 14 MB apiece. I suppose I could load twice as many with the 7 MB Type 3 files, but when would I find the time to listen to over a non-stop month of This American Life?
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