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Sunday, June 12

Date with a dumpster 

I was quite fortunate to score a pair of tickets to the sold-out Chico Microbrew Fest on Saturday. That was a boon to be around the office Friday night -- being new to the area, I didn't realize that the event sells out.

There were 35 breweries and a winery there. There were the "greats" including Sierra Nevada, Stone, Gordon Bierch. There were some local brewmasters there that I didn't know existed. A ton of food was on hand for sampling too. All for the price of a $30 ticket that I got gratis (I gave the other ticket to a co-worker to give to a friend).

It was nice sampling all the different beers (I made it to about 17 of the total 36). I definitely liked the reds and pilsners that were being offered. I definitely enjoyed the pear cider from Fox Barrel.

I paced myself through the afternoon, taking a break for food or diet cola after every four or five samples. In the end, it worked out and I cruised to the bowling alley knock down some pins.

During the clean-up drawing to give away the prizes that hadn't been picked up, I heard my number being called for the ultimate prize -- 3-day use of a dumpster from Waste Management. Woot!

Well, all the event proceeds go to the Soroptimists so it's a worthy cause.

Good job on the brewfest tix. I missed it this year...

My experience is that most good things in Chico sell out, and yet if you want to go bad enough there is usually a way to get in.
I'm impressed by the number of things that go on in Chico. I guess, if you don't get into one, there's always another thing just around the corner.
The Chico festival is one of the best I've seen for food and entertainment at a brewfest. The outdoor park area is a great touch. I'm really glad that you liked the Fox Barrel cider. Aside from the brewfests, we don't get much feedback on how were doing. Did you do something creative with the dumpster?
Alas, the certificate for the dumpter rental continues to languish in the corner of my desk. A co-worker has expresed interest though...

Thanks for your comments. I really like the cider -- it's a nice change-up from beer. I think it was Fox Barrel when I partook of cider on the patio of Madison Bear Garden in Chico a few weeks ago.
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