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Friday, May 12

Tears in my eyes 

The gray skies of winter have lifted, but not before planting the seeds of spring's sorrow -- allergies. It's actually not too bad, but my eyes are having the worst of it. They were extremely watery and strands of gooey stuff built up. They didn't react well to whatever pollen or dust quafted through the air.

I guess it looked worse than it felt because a lot of people were commenting about it.

Things seem to be better now, I hope it's because the pollen has settled down. I've armed myself with the usual medicines and treatments.

Ryan- I didn't care to handle this unresolved matter with you as the TREKBBS mod in charge of the Fan Films area, but it clearly seems that you have stone-walled me on this matter for to long. So I will bring this matter up here to get your response. You have my email already from those unanswered emails I sent you. AG
TrekBBS prunning old postings, why not prune this slanerous thalek authored posting.?

Ryan OLson-Trek BBS fan film Mod and TrekBBS Staff,
The TrekBBS Adm and Staff have been prunning old archived messages to increase the speed of the board. My suggestion is to prune/delete this thread or just thalek's libelous responses on it and then punish thalek for his TOS rule breaking:
Thalek recent salacious posting at thread titled,
Re: You Suck And So Does Your Idea, Loser....started by K?riq Sa

thalek Re: You Suck And So Does Your Idea, Loser.... [Re: K'riq Sa]
#5557067 - Thu Feb 02 2006 12:15 AM

How do I handle it? Badly. I have never handled unreasoning hatred well, and some of these people (like Our Mad Stalker) are no longer capable of reasoning. They are that badly sunk in their psychosis NOTHING you say or do will change their minds. Something about you, your production, the ISP who hosts your website . . . something is a threat to them, and they will attack as if their very existence is at stake.


thalek Re: You Suck And So Does Your Idea, Loser.... [Re: Zman1]
#5630231 - 06/02/18 12:09 AM
One of our biggest "attack critics" IS a professional in the industry, if not very high in the hierarchy (a stand-in who has also had a few minor speaking parts).
Unfortunately, even before he got vicious, his advice wasn't very practical, since it amounted to "increase your budget" and "get rid of all the amateurs in the production".


thalek Re: You Suck And So Does Your Idea, Loser.... [Re: K'riq Sa]
#5630509 - Sat Feb 18 2006 01:16 AM

Posted by K'riq Sa: Yes Thalak I got that flashback. I still have some crap that guy spewed about HF, in my guest book. How sad he puts a lot of time and effort into hating you guys and I mean a lot of time and effort. expendably,
K'riq Sa
Minister of the Church of the Lost and Found---
He desperately needs to get a life, and therapy. But if it kept him to busy to bother with us any more, I'd settle for him just getting a life. Fortunately, I live in a new place now, and the doors are locked, so I feel safer.
End of Trek BBS post ++
You and the Trek Adms have done nothing to punish thalek for his slanderous actions against me. YET the Trekbbs TOS rules are selectively used against others who have done the same. Favoritism, selective enforcement, and cronism? What disciplinary actions are you going to take with thalek over his obvious breaking your TOS rules by posting slanderous material about me on Trek BBS? This matter needs to be solved. I have sent you repeated emails requests and you have said you will 'get back to me on this matter', You haven't in many months.
A. Genovese
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